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Neil And Stevie's Wedding at No.131 Cheltenham...

Good morning, afternoon or evening! I'm not sure how you've stumbled across my page… Presumably, you were googling "The Cheltenham Wedding Photographer or "Wedding Photography at 131" or even' Cotswold Wedding Photographer'. Whichever way you got here, I am so glad you did.


With blogs, I always assume you’re new to my work, so let me introduce myself... Hi, my name is James Fear, I'm a Cheltenham-based wedding photographer. I cover weddings all over the UK, Europe and the World. On this occasion wedding photography brought me to a venue very close to my Studio and a fave haunt of mine, No.131, for Neil and Stevie’s wedding.

Neil is the Managing Director of The Lucky Onion (the group that owns the venue), so it was a massive privilege to be asked to shoot his and Stevie's wedding at their premier location No.131.



About No.131...

No.131 in Cheltenham is a fab venue in Cheltenham owned by, as I said above, the Lucky Onion; a group of hotels, restaurants and pubs across the Cotswolds that prides itself on the elegant and distinct character of its properties. Located just outside the town centre, No.131 is the flagship property of the Lucky Onion group and overlooks the Imperial Gardens on the edge of the classy Montpellier district of Cheltenham. It’s a grand Georgian lodge that’s been restored to what the venue describes as “classic on the outside, contemporary British on the inside”.


No.131 has so much to offer, with a restaurant on the upper ground floor, 11 individually designed hotel rooms on the floors above, and the funky Gin and Juice bar (which has around 400 gins to choose from!) downstairs and on the terrace, which turns into a popular nightspot on weekends. They’ve expanded their hotel into the Georgian townhouse next door which they’ve named “The House”, which is ideal for exclusive use during weddings with its 8 immaculately detailed bedrooms.


Neil And Stevie's Ceremony at No.38 The Park...


My whole day wasn't at 131, Neil and Stevie’s official ceremony was at No 38 The Park, another one of the Lucky Onion's hotels. No.38 is truly a home-from-home kind of place, and one of the best boutique hotels in Cheltenham. Like 131, it’s a beautifully restored Georgian townhouse, also with individually and elegantly designed rooms.


The homeliness of No.38 The Park made Neil and Stevie’s ceremony so incredibly pleasant as if they had just welcomed everyone into their own home to celebrate their love. The venue is delicately detailed, with an impressive collection of British art, elegant statement wallpaper, and gorgeous chandeliers. There were some really nice touches for N & S’s ceremony that were so lovely to use in the piccies, like art deco champagne flutes, gorgeous chandeliers and an abundance of white roses and baby’s breath bouquets.



Neil And Steve's Wedding Photographs on Cleeve Common...


After the ceremony at No.38, we went to shoot their portraits on Cleeve Common. It was fun, quick and windy! I love Cleeve Common for portraiture; the views up there are insane and the open fields give such a natural look to the photos. 



Shot of Tequila at The Tavern...

Before we went off to the reception, we stopped at another fab pub that Neil looks after; The Tavern! The Tavern is also a Lucky Onion property and is a local favourite in Cheltenham.  It’s got a great atmosphere and was perfect for getting the party started!



Drinks Reception at No.131...


We went back to No.131 for the reception, with Gin and Juice bar and its stunning terrace providing a perfect location for the Summer’s day. It was very much a low-key family affair, with lots of kids, no speeches, cake cutting or first dance! Everyone absolutely loved the chilled vibe, and whilst the kids played the adults just sat back and drank, ate, chatted amongst themselves had a great time!


As always, thanks for reading and your interest in my work.




They are amazing! Thank you so much

A few sneak peeks...

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Stevie's Getting Ready Piccies at No.131 Cheltenham...

Packet of Piper crisps taken at 131 Cheltenham
The wedding reception room at the house 131 Cheltenham decorated for a wedding meal
Wedding nametags hearts taken at 131cheltenham
Portrait photograph of the main room at the house 131 Cheltenham on the wedding day
Bottles of vodka in the small bar at the house 131 Cheltenham Wedding
The sign for gin and juice at 131 Cheltenham lit up
Jimmy Choo wedding shoes taken on the bar at 131 Cheltenham
Tips for brides book taken on a green background
wedding photography at 131 Cheltenham
Bridal prep 131 Cheltenham bride tying her dress up
Bridal prep at 131 Cheltenham bride looking happy holding the wall looking at friends
Candid reportage photography Cheltenham bridal prep bride putting her shoes on
Candid reportage photograph of bride looking in the mirror at 131 Cheltenham bridal prep
The father of the bride holding the flowers at 131 cheltenham looking happy
Photograph of the bride dress from behind in bedroom
Bride spraying perfume on her face at bridal prep small and artistic photograph
Bridesmaid looking emotional at the bride in her dress at 131 Cheltenham looking out of window
Bride walking down the spiral staircase at 131cheltenham

Neil and Stevie's Wedding Ceremony at No38 the Park Cheltenham...

Flower girls waiting for the bride at number 38 the park Cheltenham
Brand-new Bentley Wedding car brings bride to the wedding at number 38 the park cheltenham
Bride looking out of window in Bentley at number 38 the park Cheltenham
Arrival of the bride at number 38 at the park Cheltenham looking happy with flowers
The groom and his son waiting for the bride at the ceremony at number 38 the park
Reportage photograph guest with Camera
Reportage photograph guests hugging with one on looking
Flower girls walking down the aisle at number 38 the park Cheltenham
Bride looking at her father before she gets married at number 38 at the park cheltenham
Bride and groom is first in brace at their wedding ceremony at number 38 the park
Bride and groom signing the register at number 38 the park Cheltenham
Bride and groom leaving the wedding ceremony at number 38 the park cheltenham
Cheeky photograph of the bridesmaid and pageboy on the sofa pageboys sticking his tongue out
Very strong photograph artistic reportage Cheltenham james fear
Confetti at number 38 the park
Bride and groom leaving the ceremony at number 38 the park Cheltenham

Wedding Photographs on Cleeve Common...

Bride and groom holding hands on Cleave common Cheltenham walking along the path
Modern autistic wedding photography at Cleeve Common Cheltenham bride and groom holding hands and licking each other bea
Wedding portrait taken at Cleeve Common near Cheltenham green holding bride while they kiss windy
Cheltenham wedding photography at Cleeve Common

tequila and a kiss at the Tavern Cheltenham...

Bride and groom at the cavern Cheltenham bride looking at cream with flowers on her shoulder looking happy
Bride and groom having a tequila at the Tavern Cheltenham
Bride and groom necking a tequila at the tavern and cheltenham
Beautiful photograph the bride's dress as she walked up the stairs taken at the Tavern cheltenham
Bride and groom kissing at the tavern Cheltenham upstairs lovely tones to the photograph

The Wedding Reception at no.131 Cheltenham

Singer with guitar at Wedding at 131 Cheltenham outside in the garden
Flower girls at reception 131 Cheltenham garden
Reportage photograph taken at 131 Cheltenham a flower girl having fun holding her flowers
Candid reportage photography 131 Cheltenham
Wedding food at 131 Cheltenham
Flower girl taking photographs of the wedding photographer at 131 Cheltenham
Guest showing groom a photograph at his wedding 131 cheltenham
Wedding guest smoking a cigar at Wedding at 131 Cheltenham funny photograph reportage
Reportage photograph guest having fun at the bar at 131
Bride and groom entering wedding breakfast at 131 taken from behind
Wedding band at 131 Cheltenham

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