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Laura and Jonathan's Hamswell House Wedding


I only know one way of starting blogs, and that's by introducing myself. I know some of you know me, I know some have swiped up on Instagram and others may have googled "Hamswell House wedding photographer " or possibly "Bath wedding photography". Those who googled the latter, and haven't got the foggiest who I am or what I am about. Here goes...


Hi Gang, I'm James. I am a wedding photographer based in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. I am proper dyslexic, and I don't like blogging, but when you have a wedding as mega as Laura and Jonathan's at Hamswell House, I have to embrace the horror! Usually, I'd say something like, 'I hope you like the piccies' and leave it there. `However, today my lovely Julia sat down and helped me, so any mistakes are her fault!!!

Over the year's I have shot many wedding venues in Bath. For today's wedding, I am at Hamswell House which is a first for me. I must say Hamswell House has been incredibly kind to me since I photographed L&J's wedding. They always seem to recommend me, and they must-see hundreds of wedding photographers. Means the world team!

Wedding Photography At The Bath Assembly Rooms

L&J got married at the Grade I Listed Bath Assembly Rooms. It's a gem, ideal for weddings on any scale (I believe their capacity is over 400 people). The Bath Assembly rooms are known for many things, but they are probably most famous for their 18th-century chandeliers. Don't do a flower toss inside! I say this as it happened at a wedding I shot at Blenheim Palace about five years ago, and it missed a priceless AI Weiwei chandelier by maybe three inches! Never again! I've lived a mad life!

Photographing Weddings at Hamswell House

After L&J got utterly lost on the way out of the ceremony off we went to Hamswell House. Hamswell House is a Jacobean, Queen Anne and Georgian Manor House. Now I don't know what any of that means, as I copied it off another site, but what I do know is it is utterly gorgeous. The site I copied from also goes on about plenty of things my Nan likes. Such as, "18th-century with high arched windows" 'extensive gardens' "a network of decorative stone walls etc."

 I could also talk about the pergolas, a herb garden and traditional greenhouses but truthfully it's not my audience. What I am about is vibe, and plenty of it. So here goes...


James these are bloody insane! Smashed the whole day - speechless!

Sneak Peeks...

01 / 46

Getting Ready // Air B&B Bath...

People always ask me loads of stuff I never know the answer to with blogs, but this time I'm going to give it a bit of a go!! No idea who made the dress or shoes but I do know Laura and the girls got ready at a lovely little air B&B (17 New King Street, Bath) It was tight (very) but had really dark walls which is mega for piccies. They got dressed, dad watched the snooker, we chucked some bananas about and Cat had a Polo. Pretty standard stuff.

Bridesmaid Cat eating a banana
Bridesmaid dress and the brides wedding dress hanging on the wall
Bridal prep at an airbnb 17 new king street Bath Somerset
Valentino wedding shoes taken on a bed frame
Bridesmaid on bed drinking Champagne with a banana mid air
Bride in the mirror bridesmaid seeing her for the first time happy refection artistic reportage
Copy of tatler magazine
Bridesmaid with a polo mint
Bride having her veil attached in Bath Somerset Beautiful model looking

Ceremony // Tea Room - Bath Assembly Rooms...

I know this, dead easy! One of my fave places for the ceremony. The Tea Room at the Bath Assembly Rooms. It's classic architecture and the yellow walls add a beautiful warmth to the piccies. For me though, nothing topped Laura and Jonathan getting lost on the way out. My wedding Highlight so far in 2020!!

Reception // Hamswell House...

I know this too! Golly, maybe this isn't as difficult as I first thought! Their reception was held at a new fave — the gorgeous Hamswell House near Bath. This place is a bit special team, a hidden gem (possibly not after this blog!). Insane views and grounds and a completely un-knobby vibe. What more could you want?


I hope you enjoy L&J's wedding photographs and as always for your interest in my work.



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