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As a wedding photographer, I get asked all the time if I know any unique, bespoke or quirky wedding venues. The answer is yes I do - many!

in fact, so many, for the next few months the blogs I'm going to post are going to be about helping people find these wedding venue gems...

The Country House Wedding Venue

If I was looking for a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, the Home Counties or further afield, I personally would look for a country house to host my day. The trouble is they're hard to find.

If I was looking for a country house to host my day, I wouldn't want it to feel like a wedding venue. Rather I'd like it feels like a country house that happens to be hosting my wedding. This is incredibly hard to find.

Eggington House is a rarity. Apart from Homme house in Hereford, I cannot think of any other wedding venue which doesn't feel like a wedding venue that is special, relaxed, homely, fun and quirky. Eggington House is all these and more.

Eggington has the classic lines and gardens of a grand English home. Nothing is modern or flash, but everything works just as it should. It's quirky yet traditional. Formal but lets you relax entirely.

Situated near Leighton Buzzard

I'm sure when looking for wedding venues in Bedfordshire you have come across all the big hitters such as Wrest Park, the Grand Hall, Bellows Mill etc However I feel there is a good chance Eggington may be the hidden gem you're looking for.

Stu & Mia's Wedding At Eggington House...

Below are a few piccies from Stu and Mia's Wonderful wedding at Eggington House. I hope it inspires you to the possibilities at Eggington.

James Fear


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