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Dani And Alex's Wedding At The King's Head In Cirencester...

Hi team, I'll start where I always do and that's at the beginning!

I've been a wedding photographer for a long time now and I know there are only a couple of ways you found me. Firstly, you swiped up on Instagram or secondly via Google or other search engines. You may have searched for 'quirky Cotswold wedding venue', 'boutique Gloucestershire wedding venue' and possibly 'Cotswold wedding photographer'. However you found me I'm very glad you did.

Nowadays, being seen online is much harder and writing blog posts is a time-consuming, but necessary part of any wedding photographers life. As such, today I am going to tell you a little about Danny and Alex's wedding at the Kingshead in Cirencester.

quirky Cotswold wedding venue

The Kingshead in Cirencester has been relatively recently refurbished and it is absolutely beautiful. The Kingshead like 131 in Cheltenham has become destination hotels for people visiting the Cotswolds. Mixing Cotswold stone, absolutely beautifully designed interiors, food to die for, a huge selection of alcohol and coffee is the Kingshead it's a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon.

Not only is the Kingshead in the perfect location to enjoy an afternoon it is also the perfect location to get married.

When it comes to shooting weddings and venues I've been spoilt. I know I've been spoilt. I have been lucky enough to photograph all over the UK, Europe and in the coming months even further afield. Yet, just a few miles from my home in Cheltenham we have a glorious space such as this to get married. The Kingshead in Cirencester as a wedding venue (from a photography perspective) has it all. Large bright rooms for getting ready, quirky vaulted ceiling cellars for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Plus the whole Cirencester to run around in for the bride and groom pictures.

Run around Cirencester is what we did...

What an afternoon, so much fun. Absolutely out of the blue we found the local Lido swimming baths. This was totally unplanned, we tried our luck and believe it or not they let us in. Not only did they let us in, while taking the photographs, who happened to swim by but the registrar who married Alex and Dani earlier in the day. You honestly couldn't make it up.

I'm a big fan of the element of the unknown when it comes to wedding photography. It's what I do really, it is where the magic happens. Always. Bumping into the registrar at the swimming baths makes me believe this just a little bit more than I already did. Oh, what a day.

Dani and Alex, the team at the Kingshead thank you for having me. I loved it, I hope to see you all again soon and I hope you guys enjoy looking at the photographs below. 

If you'd like me to photograph your wedding at the Kingshead in Cirencester or any wedding venue throughout the UK or Europe please contact me I will get back to you soon as I possibly can.

James Fear


Hi James, 

I’ve just read your blog and it reminded me I wanted to say a little thank you for our day.

I’m so happy that we stumbled across you through Dan and Dette’s wedding and I knew straight away I must have you for our wedding; the edits, angles and general feel is just us! I must admit, the part I was looking forward to the most from the day was the photos (no lie) and boy, you didn’t disappoint. You really took advantage of the moody, quirky venue, including the surrounding gems in Cirencester and the photos are exceptional. You added such a vibe to the wedding as well; everyone comments on the group piccies and how fun it actually was (painful for you though herding the cats). As I’ve mentioned before, I will forever remember the adventures for piccies and the photos bring back all the memories of that.

The day is such a blur, it feels like a dream. Your photos capture every single moment and help us to relive the day; thank you.

Keep being you, say the phrases you say and all the best for the future.

D & A

Wedding dress hanging at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Bridesmaid in blue bridesmaid dress having fun at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Bridal prep at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Bridesmaid sniffing money at Wedding
Bride mum helping bride getting to her wedding dress at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Groom waiting for the Bride in the vaulted ceiling at the Kingshead Cirencester
Bridesmaid walking down the aisle at the Kingshead vaulted ceiling
Bride and father walking down the aisle vaulted ceiling Cirencester
Wedding photography at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Confetti vaulted ceiling at the Kingshead in Cirencester Wedding
Cirencester wedding cake
Cotswold wedding decorations table details
Happy wedding guest at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Bride and groom holding hands outside the Kingshead in Cirencester
Fun quirky Cotswold wedding photography
Bride and groom entering the wedding reception at the Kingshead in Cirencester
Father of the bride speech in the Cotswolds
Cirencester wedding photography
Bride and groom wedding photographer Cirencester
Fun wedding photography bride and groom in trolley pushed down the street Cirencester
Cirencester Lido swimming baths bride and groom wedding photograph
Bride and groom at the swimming baths in the Cotswolds
Bride and groom seeing the registrar at the lido swimming baths in Cirencester on their wedding day
Groomsmen having fun on the skip


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