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Jen & Ollie's Wedding At Oriel College Oxford...

Hello, and welcome to my wedding photography blog. For today's post, I am at Oriel College at Oxford University for Oli and Jen’s wedding.

About me...

If you’ve not come across me before, my name is James Fear and I’m a Cotswolds-based wedding photographer. I shoot weddings far and wide, from anywhere in the UK to all over the world, and I’m so glad to welcome you here to see some of my work.

Anyone who regularly reads my blogs knows that I hate this bit with a passion (i.e. the writing bit). I can't stand it for a few reasons, but mainly because it causes my dyslexia to go into overdrive. It’s important for Google though so I just have to bear it.

Today, however, I have a couple of things I'd like to say, so I'll give it a go... 

photographing weddings at Oxford university in a hurricane...

The first thing I wanted to talk about is bad weather and poor light. No matter how beautiful or grand the venue, like this one at Oxford University, bad weather and poor light will always be a wedding photographer’s Achille's heel. Frankly, it's tough, and it does affect (or effect - I'll never know!) the photographs, especially in colour. So for today, I thought I'd post these full-colour pics of a wedding at Oriel College, Oxford University, where the weather and light were absolutely awful, but thankfully the backdrop was not! 

Honestly, the weather really doesn't get any worse than this in the UK! But Oli and Jen chose a beautiful venue set indoors and had a stunning marquee, and if anything, I think the weather made it look even more quintessentially British. Nothing says England like an exemplar of a world-famous university and some rain. Everyone had a blast and Oli and Jen are insane together, in the true British spirit f**K the weather!

Wedding Photographers - attracting Clients...

The other thing I wanted to talk about is getting clients. This year has been crazy in terms of clients... I have shot some really well-known people; people I would never have dreamt of meeting, in places I couldn't have dreamt of going. Recently, I have spent time pondering how and why I have attracted some of these people... I can't be sure, but I think I have always been very honest with my work. I don't enter for any awards, I don't make it about me and I always try to give as much value as possible. 

Over the years word has spread, and I have been very fortunate as to where that word has spread I suppose. It definitely isn't cheating though, and it certainly hasn't come overnight!

As always, thank you for your interest in my work and I hope you like the piccies!


A few Sneak Peeks...

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Jen & Ollie's Wedding Photographs...

Bridal prep -Dandridge’s Mill, Mill Orchard, Oxfordshire

Colour photograph bride getting ready at bridal prep in Oxfordshire looking very happy in mirror
Photograph of bridal shoes taken on stone contemporary modern wedding photography
Photograph of guest at Wedding in Glass elevator contemporary artistic wedding photography
Bridal shot bridesmaid having mascara put on by make up artist at Oxfordshire wedding
Bride Oxfordshire wedding bridal prep having a wedding dress tied up by wedding guests
Photograph of bride having that dress tightly tied looking down and incredibly happy taking in Oxfordshire
Bride in wedding dress looking very happy at bridal prep taking her to the Airbnb in Oxfordshire
Portrait of bride looking over his shoulder at bridal prep in contemporary Airbnb in Oxfordshire
Bride looking very happy walking down the stairs at bridal prep at Oxfordshire
Bride in the make-up artist chair looking incredibly happy at herself in the mirror before wedding in Oxfordshire
Happy bride artistic photograph taken in the mirror as an Oxfordshire Wedding reportage candid moment
Super happy candid photograph bride leaving to her wedding in Oxfordshire in a Rolls-Royce

Jen and Ollies Wedding at Oriel College Oxford...

Photograph taken from the car of bride arriving in Rolls-Royce at Oriel College Oxford
Colour photograph bride in Rolls-Royce on her way to Wedding at Oriel College Oxford
And a shirt with a white umbrella seeing guest in at Oriel College Oxford
Bride leaving car with dressed up looking nervous at Oriel College Oxford
Groom and best man having Talk before the bride arrives at the chapel at Oriel College Oxford
The groom is smiling at the best man at the chapel for the bride has arrived at Oriel College
Bridesmaid and flower girl walking down the aisle at Wedding at Oriel College Oxford
Bride and her father walking down the aisle at Oriel College Oxford looking incredibly happy for that is wearing black t
Exchange of rings at Oriel College Oxford take from the back of the chapel
Guests singing hymns at Oriel College Oxford
Bride and groom in bracing for the first time at their wedding at Oxford university in the chapel at Oriel College
Bride and groom walking back down the aisle at Oriel College Oxford
Bride walking through Oriel College in her wedding dress in the rain with people covering her with umbrellas that are wh
Bride and groom under arch at Oriel College Oxford on their wedding day
Wedding guest in pretty blue dress smiling at the bride at Oriel College
Bride hugging guest at Oriel College mid hug quirky reportage photograph
Bride and groom cutting cake looking happy at Oriel College Oxford
Quirky portrait bride and groom holding umbrellas which are facing opposite ways on the main arch at Oriel College Oxfor
Wedding portrait bride and groom standing on the table in the main dining hall at Oriel College Oxford
Bride and groom hugging on table at Oriel College portrait style
Bridal party groomsmen and bridesmaids and wedding couple standing on table at Oriel College having fun quirky modern im
Bride and groom leaving their wedding at ox Oriel College Oxford in Rolls-Royce with window while down smiling and wavin

Reception At Oli's Parents House In Oxfordshire...

Reportage photograph of guest on carousel on wooden horse at Wedding in Oxfordshire
Bride and groom on the carousel at their wedding rainy
Fun wedding image of guest on horse on a carousel at Wedding in Oxfordshire
Flower girl and pageboy blowing bubbles in Oxfordshire at a wedding reception
Older gentleman on carousel slightly drunk at a wedding in Oxfordshire
To guess at a wedding winding each other up smiling in marquee wearing black tie
Reportage photograph of Mann scratching head at a wedding in Oxfordshire again why
Pride in her wedding dress fitting on a carousel at her wedding looking happy dress flowing
Bride and his girlfriend giggling on the carousel at their wedding in Oxfordshire
Bride and groom cuddling on a carousel at their wedding
Candid colour photograph of bride and groom waiting outside at marquee before they come in for that reception and food
Bride entering the wedding reception with guest clapping looking super happy marquee wedding
Green doing his speech in a marquee wedding day Oxfordshire
Bride reacting happily to groom speech in a marquee in Oxfordshire
Green doing a shot of Sambuca at his wedding in Oxfordshire after finishing his speech
First dance at Wedding in a marquee in Oxfordshire bride and groom
Wedding band  playing trumpets
Evening photograph of marquee at Wedding in Oxfordshire


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