Wedding Photography at 131 Cheltenham...

Jamie and Emily's end of an Era Wedding at No.131 in Cheltenham...

I write this post on the 24th of July 2021...

This is important team as I hope with all my ability to hope that this wedding is the last of a difficult period... The Panny-D of 2020 & 2021. The last wedding with restricted numbers, the last wedding with masks, the last wedding which I have to fill out a covid risk assessment form or even worse a covid risk assessment mission statement!

Honestly, the loss of two years of work is far more tolerable than trying to fill in one of those forms. Literally, everything I write looks like a total pi$$ take! Anyway, I digress.

As is often the case I had not met Jamie or Emily before the day of their wedding, I think they found me via Jill who runs events at 131 and I am very glad they did.

A couple who are firm faves of mine. No agenda, just a good day with family and friends and have a wonderful eye to make things look pretty.

Weddings at 131 Cheltenham...

The Google Bit...

I wouldn't bother reading this bit if I were you, I have to write certain bits and bobs to get ranked with Google and informative well-written content is the name of the game. I am sure you know No.131 in Cheltenham is a mega venue in Cheltenham. It's a cool as anything I have been to in London - sort of like the Chiltern Firehouse. 131 as with other venues such as the Crown at Minchinhampton, the Tavern (also in Cheltenham ) and many others are all run under the Lucky Onion umbrella. All are fab, and I go to them all far too much if I am being 100% honest!

No.131 is the flagship property of the Lucky Onion group and overlooks the Imperial Gardens their weddings are held in the 'house' which is fully licensed for weddings and is incredibly special.

Honestly, enough of that google nonsense!

Trust me, even though I was only at Jamie and Emily's wedding for three hours, they were three hours I will never forget. I loved them, I loved their style but, more importantly, I loved their friends and family,

As always, below are a few piccies of the day - hope you like,



Oh James, these are brilliant - we do love you! Thank you so very much. Not only are the pictures beautiful but you made us feel so comfortable and at ease on the day - which was no mean feat considering Jamie and I both hate our picture being taken. We can't wait to share the pictures with our families - I am sure they will be as gushing with praise as we are. Thank you!

Emily (and Jamie)

As tradition States a few Sneak peeks in Black and White...

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Jamie and Emily's wedding Piccies!


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The house at 131 bride on stairs looking happy